The Human Development/Human Services Department offers multiple Associates of Arts degrees within the Social and Applied Behavioral Sciences. The A.A. in Human Development/Human Services is an interdisciplinary degree concentrating in psycho-social development across the life span with emphasis in identity development, the family system, and human services. This A.A. degree prepares students to transfer into a Baccalaureate program, and is also designed to benefit the student who wishes to pursue a paraprofessional career in social work / human services, such as case management, parenting coach/educator, support counseling and crisis management.

The Human Development/Human Services Department also offers an Addiction Treatment Studies Program designed to prepare students for careers in the growing field of drug and alcohol counseling. The Addiction Treatment Studies curriculum is accredited by California Association for Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE) and aligns with the requirements of California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). Upon satisfactory completion of the required coursework, students earn an Associates of Arts degree or a Certificate of Achievement in Addiction Treatment Studies.

For those students interested in transferring into the CSU system to complete a Baccalaureate degree in Social Work and Human Services (or similar major), our Department offers an Associates in Arts degree in Social Work and Human Services for Transfer degree (AA-T). This area of study emphasizes the application of behavioral sciences within a variety of cultural contexts. As a profession, Social Work and Human Services focuses on methods for helping people from many different social groups to improve the quality of their lives.

Lastly, the Human Development/Human Services Department offers a degree in Social Justice Studies. This is an interdisciplinary program with a focus on equity and social change. The Associates in Arts in Social Justice Studies for Transfer (AA-T) degree prepares students for seamless transfer into Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Social Justice Studies, and related majors in the CSU system. Students who choose to major in Social Justice Studies and related fields have a wide range of career options: activists, community organizers, public policy analysts, conflict resolution specialists/mediators, NGO workers, human rights groups, political campaigners, workers in environmental organizations, alternative media, human rights groups, political campaigns, religious organizations, international agencies, rights advocates, journalists, lobbyists, and community organizers.