The Human Development/Human Services Department offers an interdisciplinary degree concentrating in psycho-social development across the life span, emphasizing personal identity, the family system and paraprofessional counseling skills. The degree is designed to benefit the student who wishes to pursue a career in the social and behavioral sciences field, such as social work, counseling, parenting coach/educator, clinical psychology and crisis management; as well as benefit the student seeking to acquire a deeper understanding of human development and adjustment. Additionally, the Human Development/Human Services Department offers an Addiction Studies Certification of Specialization designed to prepare students to serve as professionals in the growing career field of chemical and behavioral addiction counseling. Cuesta College is an accredited California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE) program.

This program will help students obtain jobs in social service agencies, treatment programs, recovery homes, schools, and law enforcement. Lastly, the Human Development/Human Services course offerings prepare students for transfer to institutions providing higher degrees in the social and behavioral sciences.

Addiction Treatment Studies Information