WHAT Is A Cuesta Ambassador?

A Cuesta Ambassador is an enrolled student at Cuesta College who serves as a knowledgeable
representative and provides information to help prospective and current students and community members
learn more about Cuesta College. Cuesta Ambassadors facilitate the college exploration process for future
and prospective Cuesta students by teaching students the foundation of higher education through
interactive outreach and providing engaging tours of Cuesta College’s campuses. 

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Events/Outreach - Cuesta Ambassadors have a variety of opportunities to assist with events,
meet & greet, community and other networking activities. Events are scheduled throughout the
year to help with college recruitment efforts and other activities as identified. Ongoing
opportunities will arise to distribute accurate and current information about Cuesta College
through special on-campus programs and district-wide outreach efforts. Cuesta Ambassadors may
also accompany Cuesta College representatives to assigned events and participate in presentations
and programming. 

Opportunities include:

o Educate-Si se Puede,
o Cougar Welcome Days,
o College Night, Transfer Day,
o District Outreach,
o Connect at Cuesta,
o Various Student Success Teams Events


School Visits & College Tours/Presentations- Ambassadors will visit school sites, guide
students through immersive college tours and deliver engaging presentations that provide
valuable insights into our institution. An ambassador’s role is to convey our vibrant campus
culture, diverse opportunities, and supportive community, inspiring students to see themselves as
part of our academic community. Through dynamic presentations and interactive tours,
ambassadors will help prospective students make informed decisions about their educational
futures while fostering a sense of belonging within our institution. 


Campus Tours – Cuesta Ambassadors will also play a large role in helping students get familiar
with the campus through campus tours. Cuesta Ambassadors will host students on campus, take
them to visit departments, and introduce them to the services, resources and facilities they will
have access to as a student at Cuesta.



Gain leadership experience - Be a student role model. Develop your leadership abilities through
Cuesta Ambassador training and share your enthusiasm and positive Cuesta College experiences
with new and prospective students

Gain communication skills - Each Cuesta Ambassador receives the training required to
successfully handle formal presentations, campus tours and College events

Earn Money – All Cuesta Ambassadors are paid an $15.5/hr for their time, and receive mileage
reimbursement for off campus events and activities

Networking Skills - Develop valuable networking contacts with other student ambassadors,
active people within the Cuesta College District and throughout the county.




• Must be a current Cuesta College student, enrolled in at least 6 credits, and maintain a 2.0 GPA

• Must participate in the program for an entire year

• Must have own transportation to and from activities/events

• Must attend monthly Cuesta Ambassador meetings (including visits to all 3 Cuesta campuses),
Oct 9th is the first scheduled training meeting

• Ambassadors must maintain good communication with Cuesta Ambassador program coordinator

• Expected time commitment is 10-20 hours per week; must not exceed 20 hours of work per week
in all student jobs combined at Cuesta College

• Monthly training will be held in order to convene as a team as well as develop skills in public
speaking, leadership and gain an awareness of social justice issues in education


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