A Cougar PAL is an enrolled student at Cuesta College who serves as a knowledgeable representative who provides information and services to the community about and for the college.  A PAL strives to support the college’s mission and objectives.  A PAL will represent the college at various events, on and off-campus, to provide first-hand knowledge about their college experience.

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Events/Outreach - Cougar PALs have a variety of opportunities to assist with events, meet & greet, community and other networking activities. Events are scheduled throughout the year to help with college recruitment efforts and other activities as identified.  Ongoing opportunities will arise to distribute accurate and current information about Cuesta College through special on-campus programs and district-wide outreach efforts.  Cougar PALs may also accompany Cuesta College representatives to assigned events and participate in presentations and programming.  

Opportunities include:

  • Monthly Food Bank distribution
  • Financial Aid Events (i.e. “Promise Day”)
  • Educate-Si se Puede
  • Student Success Festival
  • Learning Disabilities Conference
  • Cougar Welcome Days
  • Campus Tours
  • College Night
  • Local High School Visits
  • Transfer Day
  • District Outreach


Gain leadership experience - Be a student role model. Develop your leadership abilities through Cougar PALs training and share your enthusiasm and positive Cuesta College experiences with new and prospective students

Gain communication skills - Each Cougar PALs receives the training required to successfully handle formal presentations, campus tours and College events

Gain greater knowledge of the campus - Working on-campus allows you to stay on the inside track of what's new on campus 

Earn Money – All Cougar PALs are paid an hourly wage for their time, and receive mileage reimbursement for off campus events and activities

Networking Skills - Develop valuable networking contacts with other student PALs, active people within the Cuesta College District and throughout the county.


  • Must be a current Cuesta College student, enrolled in at least 6 credits, and maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Must participate in the program for an entire academic year
  • Must attend scheduled Cougar PALs meetings (including visits to all 3 Cuesta campuses)
  • Must not exceed 20 hours of work per week in all student jobs combined at Cuesta College


  • Have access to transportation for traveling to activities, events & local high schools. 

If you're interested in joining our team, please contact Outreach and Enrollment Services.

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