Promise & Educate 2023 offered students the opportunity to attend workshops designed to empower and motivate students to pursue higher education, and encourage them to overcome barriers.

See examples below of workshops offered for Promise & educate 2023.





Workshop: The Cuesta Promise

“During this workshop students will have the opportunity to engage in a collaborative discussion about what Cuesta college has to offer, transfer opportunities, and the promise benefits. We will be discussing how students can start their Cuesta journey in high school and also ways to make their Cuesta experience much more enjoyable.”

By: Berto Marroquin, Counselor



Workshop: What Now?: How To Choose Your Career Path

In this workshop you will be empowered/challenged to find what your passion and strengths are that will help you choose a career that will maximize your personal and professional potential. You will hear how the three presenters chose and are currently trying to choose their career paths.
The presenters will share their journey and challenges in deciding what steps to take and how the pressures of family and society impacted their decision making. By the end of the workshop our hope is that through the presenter's stories and a Q&A session you have more clarity about who you are and who you eventually want to be.

By Shoboy



Workshop: Be Unstoppable

“Win big, lots a prizes, learn how to get extra money through support and resources.
EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs & Foster Youth”

By Dee & Corina, EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs & Foster Youth Specialists



Workshop: Cuesta College LSAMP STEM Program: Supporting our Gente in STEM

“During this workshop, we will explore how we will support our STEMistas via Cuesta’s LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM) program.  Come and learn about this new exciting program that will provide our STEM students with academic, social, professional and emotional support during their years at Cuesta.  The program will also provide opportunities for paid and volunteered research and work internships in STEM fields.”

By Gabriel "Gabi" Cuarenta-Gallegos, Mathematics Instructor



Workshop: Ever Wondered Why You Keep Hearing About “Dual Enrollment” at Your High School?

“Did you know you don’t have to wait until high school graduation to become a college student? Come to the Dual Enrollment workshop to learn about how (and why) you can participate in a variety of Cuesta College classes at your high school, during your regular high school periods, FOR FREE!”

By Kristina Vastine, Associate Director of Instruction; Dual Enrollment/CCAP & Gina Barbosa Office Support Technician



Workshop: Finding a job and keeping it!

“We’ll cover the basics of building a resume, conducting a job search, interviewing and working. There will be discussions about the current state of searching for jobs online, spotting fake/ghost job ads, communicating with recruiters and employers, as well as a number of tips and tricks to help job seekers stand out.”

By Tyler Wilson, Substitute Employment Services Coordinator



Workshop: Finding Your People – Community & Campus Life at Cuesta

“A fun and engaging conversation about ways to find your people and community here at Cuesta. Students should be ready to answer questions and be involved!”

By Meghan Schuler Jones, Director of Student Engagement



Workshop: How to Get Free Money

“The Workshop will cover general information about FAFSA, CADAA, and scholarships including (but not limited to) deadlines, where to submit, tips for applying, and common misconceptions. Additionally, the workshop will provide information about the Cuesta Promise and Cuesta Promise steps.”

By Christopher Acevedo & Martha Davis, Bilingual Financial Aid Specialists



Workshop: Surviving College & Balancing Life


“Let's talk about those fears and expectations about College and share some wellness strategies for success and enjoyment as a student.”

By Andrea Echeverria Betancur, Bilingual Student Health Program Specialist

& Jessica Raybon, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.



Workshop: Getting to Know your Career/Major Exploration Resources at Cuesta College

“A fun and engaging session with a Cuesta career counselor who will demo the various major selection/career exploration resources available to you as a new Cuesta College student!”

By Summer Gish, Counselor



Workshop: Teacher Pathways at Cuesta

“An overview of the Teacher Pathways at Cuesta College. A workshop for anyone wanting to learn about teaching. We will look at the steps for becoming an educator and how Cuesta can support you on your journey there! This workshop will include information for the 5 teacher pathways at Cuesta, Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle or High School, Special Education, and Career and Technical Education."

By Glenda Moscoso, Counselor & Melina Simonds, Child Development

Family Studies Faculty



Workshop: My Instructor says I can't use Google....Now what??

“Come find out how the library can support you with your research and academic needs. Get to know us before you need us!”

By Sharon Haupt, Library Technology Instructor & Mallory Cronan, Division Assistant



Workshop: From Airplanes to Rockets to Disneyland

“A career in aircraft maintenance is now achievable through Cuesta College! In this workshop, learn all about Cuesta’s brand new Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Program and the rewarding careers that an Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) certification unlocks. Through this immersive, 19-month program, which qualifies for The Cuesta Promise, you’ll fast track your career and tap into the numerous aerospace opportunities on the Central Coast and beyond.”

By Timothy Ross, Aviation Instructor