Summer Academy Curriculum

June 15 –July 24, 2020
CSS 225*
College Success (choose 1 from below):

Business, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Legal, Skilled Trades and Technology

Creative Arts, Communication, Education and Information, and Social, Behavioral,
and Human Sciences

Health and Wellness, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

DIST 101
Introduction to On-Line:
Introduces students to the different types of technologies utilized in a distance education course. Students will determine if distanced education is right for them
and learn academic and technological skills for success in distance education and technology mediated courses.


To be eligible for the Cuesta College 2020 Virtual Scholars Summer Academy student must:

  • Be a first-time new college student
  • Complete all enrollment steps
  • Apply to Cuesta College
  • Complete the on-line orientation
  • Complete a FAFSA or Dream Act application
  • Must participate in the on-line program orientation
  • Submit the Scholars Summer Academy Contract

* No prior enrollment in CSS 225.


  • Fee waiver for summer and fall 2020 courses
  • Textbook vouchers for summer and fall 2020 courses
  • Virtual enrichment activities throughout the summer
  • Access to counseling and support services
  • $100 gift card at the completion of the Summer Academy
  • Access to portable technology equipment (Fall Semester)
Counseling Corner

Weekly meetings with students to follow-up on students’ progress in the courses and develop Student Education Plan (SEP) to ensure the student in on track for their academic goal. In addition, students will learn how to access information and student support services that are essential for student success.

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About Cuesta College Promise Scholarship

The Cuesta College Promise is a scholarship program available to all San Luis Obispo
County high school graduates. The Promise offers all local graduates—who come
straight to Cuesta following their graduation—two years of attendance fee-free
(two consecutive fall and spring semesters).