As a member of the San Luis Obispo Green Schools Committee, Cuesta Sustainability Resource Center (CSRC) supports SLO K-12 schools in achieving their sustainability goals. We recommend following the following steps &/or please contact us to help you through the process:

  1. RECEIVE $500 TO FUND A GREEN SCHOOLS PROJECT! Propose a sustainability related project of your choice and receive a $500 stipend. Funds are limited year to year, so apply early. For help with selecting a project, consider areas within the survey that were weak, or else consult us for guidance. Please copy and paste your responses to the following 3 questions into an email here.
    1. Describe your desired Green Schools project or program that you would like to implement.
      1. What is your project's goal?
      2. Describe the Activity.
      3. Provide a timeline for implementation. 
      4. Who is your involved? 
    2. What will the $500. be spent on? Will you need to raise additional funds?
    3. How does the proposed project benefit students?
  2. Establish a Green Schools Baseline. Please complete the “Short Form” survey to be used as an entry point to a larger conversation. The breadth of sustainability opportunities across a K-12 campus are addressed and a baseline is established as to what one’s school is doing well, and where a school might improve. This survey serves as the “short form” version of the official Green Ribbon Schools application discussed below. Attach your survey in an email here.
  3. Develop a Green Schools Action Plan.Members of the Green Schools Committee will assist in helping your school develop a sustainability plan based on the information provided in the initial survey. Steps might include:
    1. Create a Green Team with the power to act!

    2. Adopt an Environmental Vision Statement.

    3. Conduct a Comprehensive School Environmental Audit (Energy, Water & Waste).

    4. Monitor and Evaluate Progress.

    5. Integrate Environmental Education into the Curriculum.

  4. Apply for the Green Ribbon Schools (GRS) Award. Schools that follow bullet points #1-3 are prime candidates for State, and potentially National recognition via the U.S. Department Green Ribbon Schools program. We will assist your school through the application process. Practices are organized according to 3 Pillars that seek to achieve the following goals:

    Pillar 1 - Reduce environmental impact and costs (energy, water and waste). We will provide surveys, support school audits (ideally to be performed by students) and assist with connecting with the district facilities department (when needed).

    Pillar 2 - Improve the health and wellness of schools, students, and staff. We have access to a large amount of curriculum and programs and help connect schools to local non-profits that assist with developing physical activities, gardens, and an outdoor classroom.

    Pillar 3 - Provide environmental education, which teaches many disciplines, and is especially good at effectively incorporating STEM, civic skills, and green career pathways. on the integration of environmental curriculum and civic participation. This is where the CSRC August Teacher Professional Development workshop comes into play.