The Sustainability Resource Center currently offers the following programs:

Curriculum Exchange Program-NEED Project Kits: We have invested in a number of these energy related kits. We conduct yearly workshops (typically, over the summer) where teachers can get there hands on the many projects/activities within each kit prior to taking one to school with them for the following school-year. Each kit provides between 10-20 activities, so is meant to be completed within one semester. Teachers return the kits prior a the end of the semester, we replenish materials, and then teachers can reserve new kits for the following semester. 

Professional Development Workshops: We typically combine PD topics into our NEED Project checkout workshops, so that each teacher can obtain clock hours to count towards their salary. Past topics include NGSS and Common Core Standards, Research-based Teaching Learning Models, Sustainability Lessons and Resources, and project based learning. Please provide feedback if there are particular topics you and your school might be interested in, and we can assemble a custom workshop for your needs.

Ongoing classroom support: For any teacher that has attended either a NEED kit or PD workshop, we provide in-class support for that remainder of the school year. Participation might include leading sustainability lessons, modeling particular teaching strategies, circulating between students, or simply helping manage project supplies during a lesson. This is solely up to the teacher, we are here to help.

Customized lessons: The last thing that we want teachers to feel is that our sustainability lessons are "yet another thing to do." Rather, we would love to supplement your current curriculum with project based learning opportunities. Again, it is completely up to the teacher, to what degree we are involved in lesson planning, but we can introduce a number of engaging sustainability lessons to learners ala "Science Friday", cater projects for one specific unit (such as Energy/Electricity), or even map out an entire school year. 

Career Technical Pathways: One of the larger goals of our Center is to provide opportunities for our learners to pursue sustainability related career paths. It is our belief that providing sustainability lessons beginning at Kindergarten sets our learners off on this path, as they develop interests throughout the years. As students reach the last years of high school, Cuesta College has a number of opportunities for students to obtain college credit while still in school and become connected to real industry employment opportunities.