Dear Cuesta College Cougars,

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Cuesta College to shift instruction to completely online mid-semester. We recognize this may have caused challenges which inhibit your successful course completion.

You are encouraged to continue to study hard and do your best to successfully complete the spring 2020 semester and to take advantage of the many academic support services available. Check out the resources to help you prepare for finals and all support information here.

Please click here for student support services.

However, if successful completion is unlikely, Cuesta College has adopted the following grading and withdrawal options to assist you. These options take full advantage of guidelines and flexibility from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, including protecting students from negative impacts to their college success.


  • Cuesta College first suspended courses March 16-18; however, COVID-19 had already begun to disrupt some College activities before that date. The CCCCO permits colleges to grant an EW for withdrawals as early as March 4.
  • Therefore, any W recorded between March 4, 2020 and May 15, 2020 will automatically be converted to an EW.
  • The deadline for students to drop will be extended to May 15, 2020. Students can drop through MyCuesta and those drops will be converted to an EW.
  • Faculty will be able to drop students through May 15, 2020, and should use this option for students who would likely receive an F due to lack of participation.


  • Students may opt for P/NP grades for any Spring 2020 course up until May 15, 2020. (The faculty grade submission deadline is noon on June 4, 2020.)
  • Faculty can see which grade mode ("G" for letter grade, "P" for P/NP) students have selected in their Attendance Roster available through MyCuesta.
  • When faculty submit grades, they will enter either a letter grade or a P/NP grade for each student remaining on the roster (depending upon the student's choice).
  • Faculty will need to identify the criteria for P/NP grades. The "standard" conversion is:
    C or above → P
    D+ or below → NP


  • On June 5, 2020, any grades of F or NP will be automatically replaced with an EW. [F or NP assigned due to Student Code of Conduct violations will not be converted]
  • After grades are submitted, students can request to have grades of C or above changed to a P grade, or grades of D+ or below changed to an EW.
  • A new streamlined "Spring 2020 Grade Change Petition" will be made available to students, which can be submitted through June 12, 2020.
  • After June 12, 2020, students will need to use the standard grade change petition and cite "COVID-19" as the justification for the grade change.
  • Petitions will be automatically approved without the need for further action by the faculty member or administration.

CCCCO Executive Order 2020-01 – Provisions for Excused Withdrawal (EW)
CCCCO Executive Order 2020-02 – Provisions for Pass / No Pass Grading (P/NP)
CCCCO Memorandum FS 20-02 – Clarification on Apportionments, Withdrawals & Fee Refunds
CCCCO Memorandum ES 20-10 – Guidance on Grading Policies and Term Extensions