Launching March 1, the Miossi Gallery at Cuesta College is launching a VR-To-Go checkout program. Are you looking for new cinematic sensations? Experience virtual reality at home with the FREE check-out of a Miossi Gallery VR TO GO headset, short films and virtual reality content included. The Miossi Gallery VR TO GO all-in-one headset allows you to experience breathtaking, unexpected, and moving moments in the comfort of your own home. Each 3-month season will include 3-5 VR short film projects that have been licensed just for you. 

Reservations for pick-up from the Miossi Gallery on Cuesta's campus are available now! Please email to schedule your appointment! 

Season I of the VR-To-Go Program

The Real Thing

 The Real Thing is a VR journey into a copy of our world. Around China's largest cities, entire neighborhoods have been inspired by foreign models. The film explored the most stunning of these "fake cities." It travels from Paris to London to Venice - without leaving China. The inhabitants guide us into the parallel world where they have chosen to live. As VR leads the way to virtual tourism, copycat cities compete to offer a real experience of static travel. Walking the thin line between reality and virtuality, this documentary combines both to enhance a whole new feeling of ubiquity. 

-22.7° C

-22.7°C is a VR experience inspired by the adventure of electronic music producer Molécule who went to Greenland to capture the sounds of the Arctic to compose. The experience takes you on an initiatory journey in the Far North. Listening to the sounds of the magnetic polar nature, you’ll explore your inner world, until reaching a state of harmony.
 Watch a preview and read more here

Le Lac

Le Lac is an eco documentary by Nyasha Kadandara. Le Lac is a dreamscape where liquid gives way to dust. The oasis of the Sahel, Lake Chad, is not who she used to be. Ninety percent of her water is gone, leaving her feeling depleted, wary, scared and insecure. Climate change has made the millions of people who depend on her vulnerable, and induced the threat of Boko Haram insurgency. In this immersive documentary, step into the lives of Mahamat, a once-wealthy pastoralist, and Nassuri, a refugee-turned-fisherman, as the lake herself hopes for their survival amidst her scattered ponds.

Daughters of Chibok

2019 marks 5 years since 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped from their hostels in Chibok, a small town in Borno State, North-East Nigeria. More than 100 girls have been rescued by the government but 112 are still missing. 

What happens to the mothers who watch each day's rising sun and midnight moon for a sign of their girls' return? In the first-ever VR documentary on the Chibok story, Daughters of Chibok gives a voice to the mothers to whom the memory of 14 April 2014 is like yesterday. The documentary, made by Joel 'Kachi Benson, focuses on their hopes and how they keep the pain at bay. Yana, one of the mothers and a woman leader, shows us how the women turn to the hard earth of Chibok to find purpose, and sustenance for their children.