August 18 - October 14, 2022 

The Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery and Cuesta College are pleased to present Certain Matter, a group exhibition of material abstraction in contemporary art.

Certain Matter is a collection of nine contemporary artists who, in their own unique way, utilize and center material in their works of contemporary abstraction. While each artist explores unique concepts, ideas, and emotions, when their works are seen side by side a shared sensibility emerges, both in their relationship to their materials and their exploration of abstraction. Working across diverse media, such as paintings on twisted and sculpted canvas, Hydrocal based sculpture, and intricately rendered digital compositions, these artists possess an intriguing curiosity for material and form. A curiosity that inspires a freedom to experiment, allowing each to create abstraction from certain matter.

Featuring artworks by: Alexis Arnold, David McDonald, Sarah Mikenis, Christopher Pate, Linda Sormin, Connie Martin Trevino, John Trevino, Amy Vensel, and Garet Zook.

Press Release

Certain Matter opened on Thursday August 18, 2022 with reception from 4:30 – 7:00pm and an artist panel from 6-7pm in room 6304 and live on Youtube at The exhibition will run August 18 - October 14, 2022.

Exhibition Image from Certain Matter

Exhibition Image from Certain Matter

Artwork on a wall in Certaim Matter

Artowrk in Certain Matter

Artwork in Certain Matter