What to include in an appeal letter or statement:

Schools are looking for new and compelling information, such as: 

  • new awards, honors, or scholarships, volunteer work, employment or other related experience
  • changes in health or living situation that could impact academics
  • clarification of missing information or mistakes in your application
  • a reason you are “place bound” or unable to move away to go to college
  • Indicate if there is a trend of improvement
  • Indicate GPA in the last 20-30 units and/or major if outstanding

Important things to note:

  • The chance of an admissions decision being overturned is rare, but does happen.
  • You must have met minimum eligibility requirements and cannot appeal if you have not done so.
  • Before submitting your appeal, review your submitted application to check for any possible
  • Contact the university to ask them why you were not admitted. Some universities are unable to
    provide the specific reason but you can try asking for more information to ensure that you address
    the right issues in your appeal.
  • Make sure that you have new and compelling information to share, do not just reiterate what you
    already said in your application materials.
  • Some universities do not allow you to submit additional materials with your request. If other
    documents are allowed, you may want to send items such as: a short note from each instructor indicating performance this semester, 2-3 letters of recommendation from instructors (some institutions will not consider any letters of recommendation), or other documentation that supports your new and compelling information (doctor’s records to prove illness, etc.)
  • Most universities have appeal deadlines; be sure to submit your appeal on time.
  • All items submitted will not be returned (send copies rather than originals).