Out of District Athlete Orientation 

For first-time student-athletes, the in-person orientation session includes taking the math and English assessment test in the morning and then a facilitated small group orientation in the afternoon.   Counselors will assist you in choosing courses and building your first semester class schedule. Classes you choose will be appropriate for your academic goal.  Your class schedule will be built around your practice times and travel days, so that you don't miss class.  The Out of District Athlete Orientation will be held on Friday, June 2nd.  Assessment testing begins at 9:00 a.m. The in person orientation begins at 1:00 p.m.

 To sign up for the Out of District Athlete Orientation:

  1. Apply to Cuesta College.
  2. Contact your coach by calling the Athletic Department at 805-546-3207 and let him/her know you’d like to play on their team and that you’d like to attend the Out of District Athlete Orientation.
  3. Please contact Cuesta's Assessment Office at 805-546-3951 to confirm your attendance and receive further instructions.
  4. Send high school/college transcripts to Cuesta College Records Office ASAP.
  5. You can complete the Cuesta College math and English placement test on June 2nd, or take the math and English assessment at your local community college and send the results to Cuesta's Assessment Office, or see the Assessment Services webpage for other placement options.
  6. Complete the online orientation if you took your assessment at your local Community College.  If you take the Cuesta College math and English placement test, you can complete the online orientation when you come for the Out of District Athlete Orientation.
  7. Attend the Out of District Athletic Orientation. If you are unable to attend the Orientation for Athletes on June 2nd, you may attend any other MyCuesta Orientation in the months or June and July.