All short-term, hourly and student employees are paid on the 10th of every month, for hours worked the previous month.  Please work with your department staff for Web time entry due dates.

A paper timesheet may be completed in case of web errors.  Please make sure that the timesheet is signed by your department supervisor.

The Annual Payroll Calendar shows paydays and document deadlines for payroll processing.  Please check with your department for their due dates, which may be earlier than the date noted on the payroll calendar.

Webtime Entries for Student and Short Term Employees - Through myCuesta

*For Managers - Employee Webtime Approvals through Banner 9 Self-Service



Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act (AB 1522) is a law that provides for the accrual and usage of paid sick leave.  Please review the information sheet or Powerpoint to understand this benefit and your rights provided for by the regulation.

When you use accrued sick hours, you must report these hours in Webtime as Hourly Sick "HSC" time, or turn in a "Sick Leave Reporting" time sheet to your department for approval and processing if Webtime is not available.  Please list the hours that you were scheduled to work.


Please contact the payroll department with any questions.