Per Board Policy 5500-Standards of Conduct

I.D - The Vice President of Student Success and Support Programs or designee shall be responsible for
enforcing rules and regulations for all activities of students at times and places
when students are under college jurisdiction, except that individual instructors are
given the power to remove students for good cause for the remainder of the
subject school day, plus up to one additional class meeting. The instructor shall
immediately report the removal to the Vice President of Student Success and Support Programs or
designee for appropriate action. (California Educational Code: Section 76032)

What this means is that an instructor can excuse a student from the remainder of a
specific class and for the next class meeting, pending a discussion regarding
acceptable standards of conduct with the instructor, Department Chair, Dean, and/or
Vice President. In addition, an instructor may assign a failing grade for any exam, quiz,
test, or assignment when it has been determined that the student has been engaged in
academic dishonesty.

In either situation, the instructor will file an Incident Referral with the office of the Vice
President of Student Services. The incident will be reviewed for possible further
disciplinary action.

The instructor cannot fail, drop, or suspend a student from the class for this incident but
can make that disciplinary recommendation as part of the referral process. The
recommendation of the instructor will be strongly considered while the incident is under
review and the student’s due process rights are being observed.

During the period of the instructor instigated removal, a student shall not be returned
to the class from which he or she was removed without the concurrence of the instructor
of the class.