GED Newsletters

Student Spotlight

Etelvina Lopez, Arroyo Grande Campus

student pictureMy name is Etelvina López and I am 42 years old. I started GED classes in fall of 2019. I emigrated to this country when I was 25 years old and worked hard to give my son a better life. When my son turned 25, I knew I had to go back to school but the very idea made me nervous. However, I decided to register and after 30 years of not going to school I started again. Luckily I met a teacher who made me feel welcome and who is always encouraging us to continue to work hard. Today, I can proudly say I have passed two of the for official exams and I hope to pass the next one very soon in order to achieve my dream of being a professional. To all those who believe that because we are adults we cannot achieve our objectives, I can say that it is possible with a lot of effort and determination. The key to pass each of the exams is the preparation and to study, study and study. We can do this! 

Rafael Florez, San Luis Obispo Campus

student picMy name is Rafael Flores and I am 28 years old. I am currently taking my second semester at Cuesta College to earn my GED. I know that earning my GED will help me have a better future. With it I will be able to apply to different jobs that require such a degree, as well as continue with my education. I have enjoyed my time at Cuesta. I like attending class and taking on the challenges of the new material presented. Having passed two of the GED tests has not been easy, but doing homework and showing up for classes is the best way to pass them. I would also encourage students to make time and study at home. The teachers are caring and helpful, especially my teacher Alicia Paniagua. The institution offers support and resources. Classes are FREE and they pay for our exams. I encourage all students to not give up and to continue their studies. We must take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Ricardo Murillo, North County Campus

My name is Richard and I'm 35 years old. I dropped out of high school in tenth grade. I'm here seeking a higher education for my self . My goals are to receive my GED and eventually take some college classes. I know it seems like a lot if you are just starting out, but going to every class is what gave me the time I needed to study. I encourage students to focus on one subject at a time. I'm happy to say I've passed two test and I'm looking forward to taking my third. If I can do it, so can you!