Faculty links to assist with course development

Support Desk: If you are having issues with accessing your course, or the learning site please call 805-546-3100 ext. 2802 during the hours of 7:30 am - 9:00 pm Mon. - Thu. and 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Fri.  Or you can send an email to support@my.cuesta.edu

Make sure to Include your name, class, section number (CRN) if available. This information will be sent to a technical support individual at Cuesta who will get back to you within 48 hours (usually a response will be much sooner).

If you have never used our learning management system before, refer to the What is Distance Education page.

Faculty Trainers: Your Instructional Designer and faculty trainers for Academic Year 2016/2017 are listed below, and able to assist you with setting up your course, designing, training, best practices and assisting you with your online course. Email today to set up a time to meet in person, chat on the phone or by email.

    • Instructional Designer / Distance Education Coordinator: Cynthia Wilshusen - cwilshus@cuesta.edu

Hands on keyboardCanvas Live Site: This site is where your course will be delivered to students during the semester. This is the site you will need to provide to your students, and the site you will log into everyday to check on your students.  To log into Canvas use your Cuesta Username, and password

In addition to posting your welcome letter you should also make students aware of the resources that are available to them on the Cuesta home page such as:

Online Student Readiness Tutorials
Canvas Quick Reference for Students
Canvas Quick Reference for Faculty
Distance Education Home Page
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Online Student Readiness Tutorials
Welcome Letters for Students
Academic Honesty and Standards of Conduct