Active Shooter Training - En Español

Run, Hide, Fight.

  • If possible, run. The further the better.
  • If you can't run, hide. Stay silent and silence your phone.
  • If you think you're going to be found, arm yourself and fight. Get a group together and rally.

   Remember, your life depends on it.

Department of Homeland Security Resources:

Video: Department of Homeland Security "Run. Hide. Fight - Surviving an Active Shooter Event"

Video: CORRA. ESCONDASE. PELEE. Sobreviviendo un Tiroteo

FEMA online Active Shooter course

Active Shooter Pocket Card

Active Shooter Poster

Active Shooter How to Respond Booklet

If you are in a building or classroom

  • If safely possible, flee the area or building
  • If not in a classroom or office, find somewhere to hide
  • If in a classroom, lock the door, turn off lights, close blinds or curtains, get on the floor and hide behind furniture
  • Barricade doors & CALL (805) 546-3205 For Campus Police. if safe to do so.
  • Remain in place until given the "ALL CLEAR" by a uniformed police officer
  • Warn others in the area

The Cuesta College Police Department will host periodic seminars to staff and students on the concept of "Run. Hide. Fight." If this is something you're interested in, feel free to reach out to us.