This exhibition has been extended to January 10, 2018 (by appointment only)!

Residency: November 13 – December 7
Exhibition: Dec 7 - December 22

November 14, 12pm (in art gallery) - Pizza party for potential collaborators 

Nov 15 at 5:30pm (in art gallery) - Artist talk and project presentation  

December 7, 4:30pm-6:30pm (in art gallery) - Exhibition Reception

This three-week residency with internationally recognized artist Oliver Herring will include a series of performances, photo and video shoots, choreography, and a music/sound piece. Cuesta students & community members are invited to come and work with Oliver over the duration of his residency. As Oliver and you, his collaborators, work, the gallery will transform through the accumulation of printed photographs, performance and sculptural residue, edited video, and so on.

Watch an overview video of some of Oliver's past collaborative work below!

This project is generously sponsored by the Harold J Miossi Charitable Trust,