Live Zoom Event! April 29, 5pm PST. Register here.

Over the past 12 months, the world has shrunk to the size of our homes. Millions of humans across the planet have gone into quarantine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. During confinement most of us have changed the way we use many of the physical spaces in our homes. Almost overnight, our private residences have absorbed all sorts of activities that used to happen outside of the home, such as working, attending school, shopping, worshipping with others, exercising, and socializing. To capture this historic shift in the relationship between public and private space, In Partnership with the Miossi Gallery, Sawbuck Productions has launched a new multimodal, multimedia project for virtual and physical exhibition. The basic premise of this multi-phase project is that “everything happens somewhere.” In the context of a pandemic, the physical locus in which things happen to us, and within us, becomes quite small. Feelings, like events and activities, also occur within physical space and sometimes, perhaps often, actually bear a substantive relationship with the space in which they occur. This project uses self-made videos from around the world, recorded interviews, and “ethno- dramatizations” to explore the complexities of our feelings in relation to the physical spaces we occupy during periods of lockdown, curfew, quarantine, social distancing, and isolation. Ultimately, the culminating element of this project is a feature-length documentary film that will be available for viewing online.

Join us on Thursday, April 29, at 5pm PST for a presentation and dialogue with Greg Scott, Quarantine Quarters project lead on the ideation and process behind this exciting project. Other collaborators include: Zack Ostrowski (Chicago, IL) Susan Hansen (London, England) Yolanda Hernandez-Abulia (Seville, Spain) Dillon Morris (San Francisco, CA) Benjamin Scott (Chicago, IL). Read more about the project here