wrench in handIV. Crewing Practices


Generally, only CPAC staff is permitted to operate equipment. Qualified client's personnel may also be permitted at the discretion of the CPAC Technical Coordinator or Technical Director. Non CPAC staff individuals must go through an orientation with the CPAC technical staff and be willing & qualified to use the equipment. For safety and liability reasons the approval of Client or Artist assistance backstage is under the sole jurisdiction of the Technical Coordinator.

Clients are encouraged to have their own Stage Manager who is familiar with the cast and show to can run the show. This person should become acquainted with the theater prior to load-in and be willing to enforce all House Rules as would a staff member.





Crew Size:

Every event in the Main Theater requires a minimum of 3 CPAC staff crew. They serve the functions of:

1. Technical Director/ Supervsior
2. Stage Manager / Onstage Technical Lead.
3. House Manager

Typical House Crew Positions: 

1. Technical Director/Supervisor.
    Responsible for opening & closing the CPAC and supervising all activities in the facility. 

2. Stage Manager / 1st Flyman.
    Responsible for the supervision of all activities backstage.  

3. Lighting Technician/House Electrician.
    Light Board & house lights operator. Hookups. Responsible for focus notes as needed.  

4. Sound Technician.
    Sound system setup and mixer operation. In charge of intercom. 

5. Followspot Operator(s).
    Operates followspots during program. 

       6. Stagehands
           Moves scenery onstage or sets up and removes props. 

7. Projectionist.
    Operates video or slide projections equipment.

Work Rules

1. When 6 or more persons are working on a project, a Job Coordinator may be assigned whose duties include making crew calls and monitoring time & attendance. 

2. The CPAC is a non-IATSE house. Some CPAC Staff are represented by the Cuesta College Classified Union Employees (CCCUE) 

3. All stagehands require a 1/2-to-1 hour meal break after 5 continuous hours of work. Client’s & Artist's employees shall observe all meal breaks at the same time as CPAC stagehands. “Dry” rehearsals or work not requiring operation of technical equipment may continue. 

4. In an emergency, the client and CPAC Supervisor may mutually agree to waive the meal break. 

5. A fire watch will be required if the smoke detectors are bypassed to accommodate the stage smoke or fog requirements of the show. This requires an additional person. 

6. A 15-minute break is required approximately every 2 hours. 

Crew Hours 

1. All hours are charged except for meal breaks and split shifts. Crew goes “on the clock” at the scheduled start time whether client is present and ready or not. Time runs until everything is put away & everyone is gone. 

2. Wait time is part of working, regardless of who is waiting for whom or why.   

3. Tech charges are estimated in advance and will be billed for the actual number of hours worked (job assignment based upon skills and availability).                         

Hours worked on a holiday are charged at 1-½ times the regular rate.