Load-In Instructions/ Information

For loading into the CPAC please enter through the scene yard located on the north side of the building near parking lot 3. A permit is not required for loading and unloading in the scene yard. Parking in any of the lots at Cuesta College, however, will require a permit.

The scenery yard opens to the scene shop and from there allows access to both the Main Theater and the Experimental Theater. The scenery yard is at the same level as the building and is not ramped; there is no loading dock.

The door from the scene yard into the scene shop is:           12’ wide x 10’-2” high

The door from the shop to the Main Stage is:                        12’ wide x 7’-9” high    

The door from the shop to the Experimental Theater is:        15’-10 ½” wide x 15’-10 ½” high

 During rehearsal or setup periods, there will be no access to the CPAC from the main lobby doors. The front doors are open only when an audience is expected.

All performers and guests affiliated with the event must enter and exit the facility through hallways accessed on either side of the building, or through the scene yard.

 The following areas are off limits unless accompanied by a CPAC representative: Lobby, Audio Control Room, Scene Shop, Costume Construction Shop, Costume Storage, Audio and Lighting Storage, Orchestra Shell Storage, Piano Storage, All of the second floor and all basement areas.