Friday,  March 31

10:30 Vandenberg MS
11:20 Righetti Combo
12:30 Clinic with Jacob Mann in room 7160
1:40 Templeton N
2:30 TBA

Saturday, April 1st

8:30 Atascadero N
9:20 TBA
10:10 TBA
11:00 TBA
12:00 Clinic with Jacob Mann in the CPAC Theater (time TBA)
1:10 TBA
2:00 Paso Robles N
2:50 TBA
3:40 Paso Robles Combo

7:30pm Jacob Mann with Cuesta Jazz Concert!

"N" stands for High School Novice Division
"Combo" means High School Combo Division
"CO" means Comments Only
Unmarked means High School Advanced/Intermediate
Cuesta Groups are not competing