Leadership Classes Currently Offered at Cuesta College

Leadership 262

  • Student Leadership
  • Units: 1.0–3.0
  • Provides membership opportunities in the Student Senate with additional leadership experiences in the planning/implementing of student activities and services. Students can initiate on-campus or off-campus community projects and programs.

Student Learning Outcomes

After participating in the leadership program (courses) or being involved as a student leader, students will:

  • Understand leadership as a process and reflect on how values and experiences affect how they choose to serve and lead.
  • Be able to integrate leadership competencies with practical experiences.
  • Be able to think ethically and critically.
  • Be able to make individual decisions and participate effectively in group decision-making.
  • Develop a personal philosophy of leadership, social responsibility and civic duty through demonstrated involvement in activities or completion of course/internship.

Cuesta College Student Life & Leadership - San Luis Obispo, Building 5300, in the Student Center
studentlife@cuesta.edu, Phone: (805)546-3289/Fax:(805)546-3105