• Title & Introductory material or First Sentence

  • Subheadings & First Sentence of each subsection

  • Last paragraph or Summary

  • Boldface print or italics

  • Charts, maps, pictures, graphs


  • Turn subheadings into questions

  • Use questions in introduction or at the end


  • Read to answer the above questions

  • Read to discover information not pre-questioned


  • Make marginal notes of reactions, ideas, details, numbering, question- marks, etc. as you read.


  • Answer the questions either orally or write a summary of the chapter or discuss the material.

  • Use your own words as much as possible.

  • Check your answers with the text. Revise.


  • Compare the new ideas with what you already know. Ask, "Upon what are these new ideas and information based?" and "How can I use this?"