Working as a tutor is a great experience for you to improve your communication skills, deepen your understanding of the subject you tutor, and help other students succeed academically.

To be a tutor, you MUST:

    • Be enrolled at a College Institution
    • Have completed each subject you wish to tutor with a grade of B, or better
    • Submit a completed application

To Apply:

1. Complete a Student Success Center Tutor Application

Application requires: a faculty recommendation, unofficial transcripts to be uploaded, and a copy of your enrollment verification with number of units/credits enrolled in. 

General Description of Duties:

    • Tutors are expected to successfully complete course, CSS 168/768 - Tutoring Training
    • Be prepared, present and punctual for your scheduled tutoring hours
    • Be knowledgeable about academic resources available in the Center and on campus
    • Tutor students in a small-group, drop-in, or classroom tutoring (embedded tutoring) to give learning assistance
    • Work with students on an individual basis to enhance deeper learning of a subject
    • Assist students in improving academic achievement by promoting active learning and study skills.
    • Exhibit a positive welcoming attitude
    • Assist with other Student Success Center tasks and projects when needed
    • Demonstrate a commitment to student success in coursework
    • Communicate effectively and respectfully
    • Work productively with students and staff from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds
    • Demonstrate the learning process, show alternative methods of completing work, and encourage practice opportunities
    • Use the computer, including the Internet and some online platforms, for tutoring
    • Work effectively as part of a team
    • Follow guidelines and duties outlined by the college and the Student Success Center Associate Director

(Contact for questions)