Suggestions to Students for Improving Math Study Skills

  1. View a math study skills video tape.

  2. Learn how to relax before tests are taken.

  3. Use a good math note-taking system.

  4. Spend as much time on math homework as needed.

  5. Complete your most difficult homework assignments first.  Usually, this means math homework.

  6. Read ahead in the math textbook and prepare questions for the instructor.

  7. For each chapter, prepare your own list of math vocabulary words.

  8. Find a study buddy and set up group study times.

  9. Develop practice tests and time yourself while taking them.

  10. Read ahead in your textbook and make an informal outline.

  11. For practice, do all the example problems in the text.

  12. While doing homework, write down questions for the instructor/ tutor.

  13. Be aware of the time allotted while taking a math test.

  14. Make sure you attend every math class.

  15. Schedule a study period after your math class.

  16. Review video tapes and or computer software to reinforce skill building.  For previewing topics, review the video tapes before going to class.

  17. Verbalize (silently) problems the instructor writes on the board.  Solve the problem on paper or silently verbalize each solution step.

  18. Interview instructors before actually signing up for their course to compare your learning style to their instructional style.

  19. Make note cards to remind yourself how to solve various math problems.

  20. Get help early in the semester before you get too lost.

  21. For understanding, recite back the materials you have read in your math textbook.

  22. Take notes on how to solve difficult problems.

  23. Copy all the information that is written on the board.

  24. Do math homework every day.

  25. If you miss a class, ask your instructors for permission to attend the same course that is taught at a different time or day.

Remember: You are held responsible for material covered in classes that you have missed.

- Paul D. Nolting, Ph.D., Winning at Math, 1997