Connect with Faculty 

Your instructors are experts in their subject and how to study for it. They want students to come in to get help because they want you to do well in their class. Visit office hours early in the semester to introduce yourself and get to know them before your classes become more challenging, so you feel comfortable asking for help.

If you feel uncertain about visiting office hours, check out A Guide to Talking with Your Instructor

Need to organize and manage your time better? Check out this Weekly Time Management Worksheet.

Connect with Peers

Students that study together get better grades! Send a message to your classmates in Canvas and start a study group. It only takes one person to put a message out there and get a group going. Your classmates will be glad you got the ball rolling!  

Connect with Cuesta 

There are people all over campus literally waiting for you to come in so they can help you! These are some helpful tips for finding what you need on campus: 

Check out this printable Campus Resource and Solutions Quick Reference (coming soon)