Prerequisites, corequisites, and advisories are intended to enhance a student’s chance of success in a desired course. If a student has not met a prerequisite or corequisite requirement, as noted in the course schedule, the student may not be allowed to enroll or remain enrolled in the course which requires the prerequisite.

Prerequisites and corequisites apply to all students, including dual enrollment and personal enrichment students.

Prerequisite: A course that a student must pass with a "C" or better before enrolling in the more advanced course. With department approval, equivalent skills or prior experience a student possesses may also be accepted as a prerequisite for a course.

Corequisite: A course a student must enroll in at the same time as, or complete prior to, enrolling in the desired course.

Advisory: A course a student is encouraged, but not required, to complete prior to enrolling in a more advanced course.

Prerequisite Clearance Forms

The following courses require verification of prerequisite/co-requisite completion prior to registering:  
List of Computer Enforced Courses  

Other Forms: