How do I know if a course has a prerequisite or co-requisite?

  • Prerequisite, co-requisites, and advisories will be posted under the course information in the online Class Finder for a term after search results.  
  • A list of Cuesta courses requiring prerequisite verification BEFORE registering can be viewed at this link: computer enforced courses.

What happens if I register for a course that needs a prerequisite or co-requisite which I have not met?

  • Courses that require verification of prerequisite completion will block you from registration with a Registration Add-Error Message: Prerequisite and Test Score Error
  • Complete the Online Orientation in myCuesta.
  • If you previously have been enrolled in a college level prerequisite course at another accredited institution and received a "C" or better, submit a Prerequisite Clearance Form 
  • Other placement options include AP Exam scores of 3 or higher.

Do I have to submit a prerequisite clearance request form if I took or I am currently taking the prerequisite course at Cuesta?

  • No. If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite or co-requisite course, you will be allowed to register for the next level. However, if you do not pass the course with a grade of C or higher at the end of the term, you will be administratively dropped from the next level course.

How do I verify prerequisite courses completed at an institution are equivalent or meet the requirement at Cuesta?

What if I’m currently enrolled in the prerequisite course and want to register for a course that requires its completion?

  • If you are enrolled in the prerequisite course at Cuesta, the student records program will allow you to register in the next level course. If you do not pass the prerequisite course with a “C” or better, you will need to drop the next level course.
  • If you are enrolled in the prerequisite course at another school, you will need to complete a Prerequisite Clearance Request Form A after you receive a final grade of "C" or higher. Cuesta does not accept in-progress coursework from other institutions for prerequisite clearance.

What if I’ve satisfied the prerequisite through means other than completed coursework?

  • Some prerequisites may be satisfied by means other than coursework (e.g. assessment level, certification, license, portfolio, previous knowledge, etc.). Students have the right to challenge prerequisites and co-requisites on various grounds other than completion of coursework, in which case a Prerequisite Challenge Form B must be completed. Refer to Student’s Right to Challenge for specific information.