In order to ensure registration priority, clearance requests and challenges must be filed at least five (5) working days prior to a student's registration priority date. If a prerequisite clearance decision is pending and the student is eligible to register, he/she is strongly encouraged to register for all courses not restricted by prerequisites and later add the course pending prerequisite clearance.

Allow the following days to process your prerequisite clearance if coursework completed at:

  • California Public School or University:  Five (5) day processing time IF official transcripts were submitted to Cuesta at least 10 business days prior to this request.
  • Private California or Out-of-State University:  Ten (10) day processing time IF official transcript, catalog course description, and a course outline or syllabus are attached.

The five (5) day clock begins at 8:00 am on the morning following the submission of the clearance form, excluding posted school holidays and weekends (e.g. for a challenge form submitted Tuesday at 4:30 pm, the 5 day clock will begin Wednesday at 8:00 am with status/outcome being posted by the close of business on the following Tuesday).

Processing time is only guaranteed for requests that have required documents (transcript/report card/test scores/course description and/or outline) attached, or if official transcripts were submitted to Cuesta’s Records office at least 10 days prior to this request.

How do I know my prerequisite clearance request has been processed?

Login to myCuesta and go to the Student tab.  In the Steps to Success channel under Direct Links to Registration Services, click on "Check Registration Status."  Toward the bottom of the page, any over-rides or clearances from petitions, including prerequisite clearance, will be posted.