1. CHECK YOUR EMAIL. Twice a Day. Every. Day.

2. Make sure to follow the steps and to-do items listed by the college you applied to.
CREATE PORTALS for campuses that instruct you to do so.

3. Check portals and email often for instructions and notifications.

4. Remember to submit SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATIONS by the deadline! Check your email/portals to see if your campuses ask you to submit Supplemental Applications. Deadlines vary. Common programs requiring supplemental applications:

  • San Jose State
  • CSU Long Beach
  • Sacramento State (select majors)
  • UC Berkeley
  • EOPS
  • Nursing Majors

5. APPLY FOR DEGREE OR CERTIFICATION  Even if you're not planning on walking in the ceremony, apply for your Associates Degree if you qualify for a degree. If you are earning an ADT (Associates Degree for Transfer) make sure to apply by February 1st! If you are not earning an ADT you may need to apply for IGETC or CSU-GE certification.

6. Admitted? Congratulations! Come share the good news with us in the University Transfer/Career Center. Make sure to complete all steps by campus deadlines, which may include:

7. Waitlisted?

8. Didn't Get In?

  • Cal Poly SLO Appeal Information
  • Visit the Transfer/Career Center to find out your options.
  • Some Universities have rolling admissions so you might still be able to
  • If you want to appeal, learn how to Appeal Your Admissions Decision. There's a strict timeline for appeals so respond ASAP to have the best chance of success!