College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) Program Information: 

With our CCAP program, high school students can be awarded both college credit and high school credit for a single course. Through California legislation (AB288; AB30), CCAP courses are at no cost to the student – including waived enrollment fees and instructional materials such as textbooks. Through our partnerships with local school districts, we aim to provide seamless pathways for high school students in Career Technical Education, preparing for transfer, and college and career readiness.

Why participate in CCAP while in High School?

  • Complete high school and college credits at the same time in one high school class period
  • Save time and money on your educational journey
  • Ease your transition to college in your supportive high school environment
    • Most CCAP classes are taught by high school teachers!
  • Explore various careers and majors before entering college

In the 2022-2023 Academic Year in partnership with our local area high school districts:

  • Over 65 unique Cuesta College courses in over 260 Cuesta College sections were offered 
  • Over 3,000 local area high school students participated in the program
  • High school students across SLO County graduated in Spring 2023 with up to the equivalent of a year of college coursework completed


CCAP Student Enrollment/Registration Information:

For CCAP students, Cuesta College registers you into your course once you have completed the required steps below. If you are currently participating in a high school course that is a part of the CCAP Program and would like to receive college credit, please complete the steps below:

*For detailed step-by-step directions on how to complete the steps above, please click here

Things to consider before participating in CCAP/Dual Enrollment: 

  • Enrolling in college courses creates a permanent college transcript
  • Students can register with up to 11 units at Cuesta College per semester
  • It is the student’s responsibility to drop a course before the drop deadline to avoid receiving a negative grade on their college transcript

    • To learn more about dropping a Cuesta College course or to see drop directions, click here
  • Parental involvement will be significantly different at the college level. Although students are still young adults, enrolling in college courses means they will be treated as college students. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents higher education officials and instructional staff from releasing any information to family, friends, or others without a written release from the student, even if the student is a minor.

    • For more information regarding Cuesta College's FERPA Release Form, click here
  • Cuesta College is an adult learning environment. As such, discussion topics and course materials are generally designed for adult students and may not be appropriate for younger students. Additionally, the course content and curriculum may differ from the content in a high school course. 


2023-2024 High School Specific Course Offerings:

*High School Specific Course Lists are subject to change


College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) Program Contacts:

Name Title E-mail Phone Number
Gina Barbosa Office Support Technician 805-546-3997
Jose Real Galaviz Community Engagement Program Specialist 805-592-9325
Kristina Vastine Associate Director of Instruction; Dual Enrollment/CCAP 805-592-9393