How to Drop a Class in myCuesta (PDF)

It is the student's responsibility to drop courses within drop deadlines. Deadlines for dropping courses are posted in the online Class Finder by clicking on the CRN and appears on an enrolled student's myCuesta Class Schedule/Receipt.

To drop a course online, students login to myCuesta:

  1. Open the Student Registration Services portlet.
  2. Click on "Register Add/Drop Classes"
  3. Use the drop-down menu beside the course and select the drop-down option
  4. Click "Submit Changes" 
  5. Click on Return to Menu
  6. Go to "My Class Schedule/Receipt" to confirm course(s) dropped has been removed/deleted from your schedule.

Students should review Progress Probation/Dismissal Policy and Financial Aid's Academic Progress Policy when dropping courses.

Students will be held financially responsible for fees related
to classes not dropped within the refund deadlines.

Click here for: Grade Change Policy and Deadlines