Organization of the Cuesta College Self-Evaluation Process

The following timeline graphically summarizes the major developments in our preparation and creation of this Institutional Self-Evaluation Report. Faculty, staff, administrators, and students engaged in participation through committee initiatives, standard teams, evidence gathering, and open forums. The Institutional Self Evaluation Report moved through the district’s governance approval process.

Fall 2017

  • Accreditation Steering Committee members co-chair assignments
  • Volunteers solicited for standards, policies, and eligibility requirements
  • Templates developed for assignments and reporting
  • Standard Education training College Wide

Spring 2018

  • Accreditation training for team members
  • Timelines developed
  • Templates finalized
  • Committee Standards Assignments identified
  • Development of Committee Standard Draft Review

Fall 2018

  • Training for Accreditation Steering Committee members
  • Co-Chairs solidified
  • Committee standards initiative assignments
  • Co-Chairs and committees begin to complete templates and submit evidence in share drive
  • Accreditation Steering Committee reviews template updates and gives feedback

Spring 2019

  • Continued work on templates
  • Introduction draft writing begins
  • Standard draft writing begins
  • Accreditation Steering Committee reviews Co-Chair template submissions and evidence
  • Policies and ER draft writing begins
  • QFE Topics Identified

Summer 2019

  • First full draft written
  • QFE Developed
  • Achievement Data and Charts updated
  • Board of Trustees trained by ACCJC
  • Governance Approval process Schedule Developed

Fall 2019

  • ISER First Draft begins the governance review process
  • Accreditation Steering Committee reviews governance process feedback on Drafts

Spring 2020

  • Editor works on document
  • Accreditation Steering Committee continues to review committees’ feedback
  • Accreditation Steering Committee reviews full drafts
  • Document sent to the board of trustees for review
  • Evidence is gathered and linked
  • Document revised as needed
  • Final copy submitted to the board of trustees for approval
  • Document sent to designer for final layout and printing

Summer 2020

  • ISER sent to ACCJC

Fall 2020

  • College Wide Training in preparation for visit
  • Team visit

Spring 2021

  • Commission Results
  • Begin process for responding to Commission recommendations if required