Instititutional Self-Evaluation Report of the Educational Quality and Institutional Effectiveness 2020

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III.B.1 Evidence

III.B.1 Evidence
III.B.1.1 Cuesta College Public Safety Webpage
III.B.1.2 Cuesta College Facilities Services Webpage
III.B.1.3 Organizational Chart, Facilities Services
III.B.1.4 Cuesta College Safety Compliance Forms
III.B.1.5 Campus Safety and Environmental Committee Minutes, November 22, 2019, pp.2-3
III.B.1.6 Cuesta College Online Work Order System
III.B.1.7 Scheduled Maintenance Report 2019-2020
III.B.1.8 Capital Outlay Report, March 23, 2020
III.B.1.9 Measure L Project Overview Webpage
III.B.1.10 Cuesta College Police Department Annual Security Report 2019

III.B.2 Evidence

III.B.2 Evidence
III.B.2.1 Organizational Chart, Facilities Services
III.B.2.2 SLOCCCD Facilities Master Plan 2011-2021
III.B.2.3 Measure L Voter Information Guide
III.B.2.4 Measure L Update, November 19, 2019
III.B.2.5 Measure L Project Overview Webpage
III.B.2.6 Bay Area Community College Districts, Board of Directors Agenda, March 6, 2020
III.B.2.7 SLOCCCD Space Inventory Certification, 2019-2020

III.B.3 Evidence

III.B.3 Evidence
III.B.3.1 SLOCCCD Space Inventory Certification, 2019-2020
III.B.3.2 Facilities Condition Assessment, April 20, 2020
III.B.3.3 Scheduled Maintenance Report 2019-2020
III.B.3.4 Planning and Budget Committee Minutes, December 4, 2018, pp. 3-4

III.B.4 Evidence

III.B.4 Evidence
III.B.4.1 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2020-2023, p. 14
III.B.4.2 Cluster Plan 2020-2021, Vice President of Administrative Services
III.B.4.3 Measure L Project Overview Webpage
III.B.4.4 Cuesta College COVID-19 Campus Update Webpage