Instititutional Self-Evaluation Report of the Educational Quality and Institutional Effectiveness 2020

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III.C.1 Evidence

III.C.1 Evidence
III.C.1.1 Technology and Web Committee Information
III.C.1.2 Organizational Chart, Information Technology
III.C.1.3 Student Technology Survey Results 2017-2018
III.C.1.4 Annual Program Planning Worksheet 2017-2018, Non-Instructional, p. 3
III.C.1.5 Comprehensive Program Planning and Review 2019-2020, Administrative Services, p.3
III.C.1.6 Cuesta College Resource Allocation Scoresheets 2018-2019
III.C.1.7 General Requisition Signature Sample
III.C.1.8 Instructional Technology Request Form Example
III.C.1.9 Online Education Committee Agenda, February 1, 2019, p. 1
III.C.1.10 Technology and Web Committee Initiatives, 2018-2019, p. 1

III.C.2 Evidence

III.C.2 Evidence
III.C.2.1 Technology Lifecycle Report Example
III.C.2.2 SLOCCCD Technology Implementation Plan, May 17, 2016
III.C.2.3 Faculty Technology Survey Results 2017-2018
III.C.2.4 Cuesta College DHSI Grant Notification
III.C.2.5 Resource Plan Worksheets 2019-2020, Vice President Student Services and College Centers, p. 5
III.C.2.6 Cuesta College Resource Allocation Rubric 2018-2019

III.C.3 Evidence

III.C.3 Evidence
III.C.3.1 Cuesta College Server and Client Patching Summary
III.C.3.2 SLOCCCD CENIC Architecture
III.C.3.3 SLOCCCD Technology Implementation Plan, May 17, 2016
III.C.3.4 Staff Technology Survey Results 2017-2108
III.C.3.5 Facilities Use Agreement Between SLOCCCD and Lucia Mar Unified School District

III.C.4 Evidence

III.C.4 Evidence
III.C.4.1 Faculty Instruction Training Schedule
III.C.4.2 Informational Technology Training Calendar Example
III.C.4.3 Informational Technology Training Rosters Example
III.C.4.4 Cuesta College Online Teaching Certification Course
III.C.4.5 Information Assistance Open Lab Survey October 2018
III.C.4.6 Informational Technology Ticket History 2012-2018
III.C.4.7 Faculty Technology Survey 2017-2018

III.C.5 Evidence

III.C.5 Evidence
III.C.5.1 Board Policy 3720 Computer and Network Use
III.C.5.2 Administrative Procedure 3720 Computer and Network Use
III.C.5.3 myCuesta Website Login Screen
III.C.5.4 Cuesta College Accessibility Statement Webpage
III.C.5.5 Cuesta College Accessibility Complaint Process
III.C.5.6 Best Practices for Distance Education Technology Readiness for Faculty
III.C.5.7 Administrative Procedure 4105 Distance Education
III.C.5.8 Instructional Technology Request Form