Instititutional Self-Evaluation Report of the Educational Quality and Institutional Effectiveness 2020

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II.C.1 II.C.5
II.C.2 II.C.6
II.C.3 II.C.7
II.C.4 II.C.8

II.C.1 Evidence

II.C.1 Evidence
II.C.1.1 Cuesta College Student Services Program Review Webpage
II.C.1.2 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Handbook 2016-2017
II.C.1.3 Cougar Pantry Survey 2018
II.C.1.4 Cougar Food Pantry Persistence Data
II.C.1.5 Cuesta College Student Information in Spanish Webpage
II.C.1.6 Student Technology Survey Report 2018-2019
II.C.1.7 Conex ED Virtual Classroom and Remote Student Advising Software Home Page
II.C.1.8 Dropped Student Survey Analysis 2018

II.C.2 Evidence

II.C.2 Evidence
II.C.2.1 Cuesta College Student Services Program Review Webpage
II.C.2.2 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Handbook 2016-2017, pp. 13-14
II.C.2.3 SLOCCCD Student Equity Plan 2020-2022
II.C.2.4 Cuesta College Student Educational Plan Webpage
II.C.2.5 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2017-2020
II.C.2.6 Strategic Plan Progress Report 2019

II.C.3 Evidence

II.C.3 Evidence
II.C.3.1 Cuesta College Student Services Webpage
II.C.3.2 Cuesta College Online Academic Counseling Appointment Webpage
II.C.3.3 Cuesta College Online Academic Counseling Services Webpage
II.C.3.4 National College Health Association (NCHA) Cuesta Survey Results
II.C.3.5 Cuesta College Student Health Services Webpage
II.C.3.6 Job Description, Student Support Resolution Coordinator
II.C.3.7 Cuesta College Student Conduct Resolution Webpage
II.C.3.8 Cuesta College Enrollment Services Webpage
II.C.3.9 Student Services and College Centers Organization Chart
II.C.3.10 Cuesta College Financial Aid Webpage
II.C.3.11 Financial Aid Communication to Students
II.C.3.12 Cuesta College Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS) Webpage
II.C.3.13 Cuesta College CalWORKs, Foster Youth, EOPS and CARE (CaFE) Webpage
II.C.3.14 Cuesta College Student Life and Leadership Webpage
II.C.3.15 Cuesta College International Students Program Webpage
II.C.3.16 Cuesta College Monarch Centers Webpage
II.C.3.17 Cuesta College University Transfer and Career Center Webpage
II.C.3.18 Cuesta College Student Success Centers Webpage
II.C.3.19 Cuesta College Veteran Resource Center Webpage

II.C.4 Evidence

II.C.4 Evidence
II.C.4.1 California Community Colleges Athletics Association Constitution Webpage
II.C.4.2 Cuesta College Athletic Teams Webpage
II.C.4.3 Associated Students of Cuesta College Meeting Agendas and Minutes Webpage
II.C.4.4 Associated Students of Cuesta College Officers Webpage
II.C.4.5 Associated Students of Cuesta College Social Club Webpage
II.C.4.6 Cuesta College Student Club Listing Webpage
II.C.4.7 Cuesta College Cultural Center Webpage
II.C.4.8 Cuesta College Student Life and Leadership Calendar
II.C.4.9 Cuesta College Housing Resources Webpage

II.C.5 Evidence

II.C.5 Evidence
II.C.5.1 Counseling Training Agendas, August 23, 2019
II.C.5.2 Cougar Welcome Days Flyers in English and Spanish
II.C.5.3 myCuesta portal Registration Status Webpages
II.C.5.4 Comevo Online Student Orientation Webpage Screenshot
II.C.5.5 Education Planning Workshop Flyer
II.C.5.6 Cuesta College Outreach and Student Success Activities Webpage

II.C.6 Evidence

II.C.6 Evidence
II.C.6.1 BoardDocs Board Policy and Administrative Procedures Webpages
II.C.6.2 Administrative Procedure 5010 Admission
II.C.6.3 Board Policy 5010 Admission and Concurrent Enrollment
II.C.6.4 Student Services All-Division Meeting, June 1, 2018
II.C.6.5 Cuesta College Degrees, Certificate, General Education Patterns 2019 – 2020 Webpage
II.C.6.6 Cuesta College Associate Degrees for Transfer Sample Transfer Plans Webpage
II.C.6.7 Cuesta College Areas of Study
II.C.6.8 Cuesta College Learning and Career Pathways

II.C.7 Evidence

II.C.7 Evidence
II.C.7.1 Vice President of Student Services Student Email Regarding AB 705
II.C.7.2 Student Services all Division Meeting, October 26, 2018, p. 1
II.C.7.3 Opening Day Program Spring 2019
II.C.7.4 Cuesta College AB 705 Webpage

II.C.8 Evidence

II.C.8 Evidence
II.C.8.1 Board Policy 5040 Student Records, Directory Information, and Privacy
II.C.8.2 Cuesta College FERPA Webpage
II.C.8.3 Student Health Center HIPPA Release Form
II.C.8.4 SLOCCCD CENIC Architecture Graphic