We are not scheduling a Job Fair for Spring 2023

Be sure to check back for updated information and review other employer options below.

Schedule an employer presentation!

Employer presentations are an opportunity for employers to introduce themselves and their opportunities to our students. In employer presentations, we give you a chance to answer some key questions that Cuesta College students ask us frequently.  We will then record your answers to post here, on our website, to share with any interested student or alumni. You have an option of scheduling an in-person interview with us, scheduling a video recording with us, or answering a simple set of questions that will be converted to a flyer for distribution.

Click here to view our current Employer Presentation questions

To learn more about employer presentations or request and interview, contact us at phone number (805) 546-3252 or email Jobs4you@cuesta.edu

Visit campus as an Outside Vendor!

Employers can schedule a day to come on campus and connect with students using the Free Speech Registration Form found on this page. Career Connections can also visit you to film an employer presentation if you decide to come onto campus as an outside vendor. We just ask that you give us two weeks in advance to prepare with your date and time. If you have any questions about this form, contact Cuesta Student Life and Leadership

Post positions directly for students to view on our JobSpeaker Job Board!

Employers can reach out to students and alumni directly by creating an account on our JobSpeaker job board. Watch our Career Connect Video Tutorial to help you get started.

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