A student who satisfies the following definition of attendance will follow the Cuesta College curriculum for degrees and certificates in effect:

  • at the time the student began attendance at a California Community College, California State University, University of California, or other regionally accredited college or university; or
  • as outlined in a subsequent Cuesta College Catalog.

"Attendance" means attendance in at least one semester or two quarters each academic year. A student who misses two consecutive semesters, or three quarters in an academic year, excluding summer school, will lose catalog rights. In that case, the student must follow (1) the Cuesta College Catalog that coincides with the student's date of re-enrollment in a regionally accredited college or university or (2) subsequent Cuesta College Catalog. A total withdrawal in a semester does not constitute a one-semester break in enrollment when "W" symbols are posted on the student record. Campus authorities may authorize or require substitutions for discontinued courses in certificate or degree programs.

Note: Catalog rights do not apply to the ADT degrees (Associate Degrees for Transfer) or General Education Certifications.