(Refer to Admissions for residency for tuition purposes.)

Residency credit for the graduation requirements is defined as credits earned in residence at the college granting the degree, certificate, general education (GE) certification, or application of alternative education credit.

Credit that does not satisfy the residency credit requirement:

    • Advanced Placement 
    • Credit by Examination 
    • Military 
    • Other alternative education credit

Residency requirements to be completed at Cuesta College:

    • Degrees - Minimum of 12 semester credits 
    • Certificate of Achievement - Minimum of two of the required courses 
    • Certificate of Specialization - Minimum of one of the required courses 
    • CSU General Education Certification - Minimum of one course 
         (at least 3 semester credits) 
    • IGETC - Minimum of one course (at least 3 semester credits)

Residency requirements for the application of alternative education credit:

    • Credit by Examination - Minimum 12 semester credits with "C" average work 
    • Advanced Placement - Minimum 12 semester credits 
    • Military Credit - Minimum 12 semester credits with "C" average work