Teaching Online Certificate (TOC): 

  • 6-week course - requires a 10-hour weekly commitment; Meets AP4105 # 4. 
  • Delivered asynchronously through Canvas with interactions with mentors and colleagues
  • The course provides faculty with an in-depth approach to course design, explore online learning theory, online course design, create support for the success of diverse students, foster inclusion through student-centered activities and communications, apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) concepts, identify the skills you will need to make your course both technically accessible and usable to a broad range of students. 
  • Participants will earn an Teaching Online Certificate upon completion of course activities. The certificate will be valid for as long as you teach at Cuesta College.
  • The hands-on activities will give you the chance to master using Canvas and develop your orientation module and one content module in a Canvas sandbox that may be transferred to a teaching course if desired. 
  • Participants in all certificate options will explore guiding principle of course design and delivery that ensures an equitable and inclusive online learning environment to support the success of diverse students online.

Spring 2024 Sessions

  1. January 8th - February  18th - Register
  2. March 4th - April 14th - Register 

Summer 2024 Sessions

Fall 2024 Sessions

  • TBD

Equivalency / Self-Paced Teaching Online Certificate (SPTOC):

  • Self Paced - Meets AP4105 # 3 and can be designated as temporary if requested.
  • Does not require enrollment in a facilitated course and is  designed to be a self-paced. Must use the checklist to self-identify that their course meets the same standards as the Teaching Online Certificate (TOC). 
    Must complete the Online Education Legal Requirements module and quiz with a score of 100 %. 
    May access to mentors for questions and guidance.
  • Recognizing the effort of faculty who created asynchronous or synchronous online course and believe their course meets the Minimum DE course structure and content requirements.
  • Faculty have completed training or professional development on their own, taken workshops related to online teaching topics, or self-studied effective distance education delivery.
  • Faculty should have a solid understanding of DE definitions and regulations, ADA compliance, and effective student interaction.
  • Will be awarded either a Teaching Online Certificate (TOC) or an Emergency Certificate (SLEC) or (DLEC) depending on the review by the Instructional Designer or CC-POCR

Available every term

OEI Academy  - Cougar Capstone OEI Badge:

  • Designed for faculty who have taught online for at least one semester
  • Ready to transition their course from a basic to exemplary level.
  • Delivered asynchronously through Canvas with interaction among mentors and colleagues addressing the major factors that impact student success.
  • Based on the exemplary criteria from the CVC-OEI’s Course Design Rubric. 
  • Participants revise their course based on equitable teaching practices in four areas of the CVC-OEI Rubric; (A) Content Presentation, (B) Interaction, (C) Assessment, (D) Accessibility.
  • 40-hour commitment over an agreed upon time period and requires presenting a fully aligned course for review by the CC-POCR.
  • Awarded a digital badge that will be visible on the CVC Course Exchange. 

Spring 2024 Academy Participate Information - Register

Email cwilshus@cuesta.edu  for more information.