Students will be held financially responsible for fees related to classes not dropped within the refund deadlines. Refer to the Student Financial Responsibility statement for more information.

How to receive a refund:

Step 1 - Drop class online through your myCuesta or at a Registration Center within the refund drop deadline, see your myCuesta Class Schedule/Receipt for each class(es) specific deadline to drop with a refund date.

To receive a full refund or to cancel eligible unpaid fees for full term courses, course(s) must be OFFICIALLY dropped no later than the Sunday before the term begins.

Specific course drop deadlines for full and short-term courses, can also be found through the Student Planning Calendar and online in the Class Finder by selecting the class CRN link.

Step 2 - Check your student account through your myCuesta Web Services to confirm a credit (negative $) balance is available for refund. If you have a credit balance and you would like it to be refunded, then read, complete and submit a Refund Request form (see forms below).

Credit balances for dropped classes can be refunded or used toward future charges.

Credit balances will remain on the student's account until a refund request is submitted.

Step 3 - All refunds are processed by way of a BankMobile Disbursements Refund Preference. For information on how to get your money through BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution powered by BMTX, Inc., go to: How To Get Your Money 

  1. Refunds/Credit balance from Financial Aid:  If a credit balance is from Financial Aid after you have paid, please email to request to have the funds refunded.

Refund Request Forms:

Cancelled Class Fees Refund Request

Fees Refund Request

If you can no longer access your myCuesta portal and need to complete one of these forms by paper, please email and include your name and student ID number.