Toddler Classroom



Lucia AguirreInstructional Assistant - Lead Teacher - Toddler

My name is Lucia Ortiz Aguirre and I am the Lead Teacher and Instructional Assistant in the Toddler Room. I was hired in 2008 after receiving my AA in Child Development from Cuesta College. My favorite part about working with children, especially toddlers is being a constant source of security and affection. It’s usually a toddlers first time away from home and family and building a special and safe relationship with each child and seeing them blossom into a happy and confident child is special. My favorite activity is going on buggy rides around campus and visiting staff, the farm, doing nature walks, and going on bug hunts.

I was a Cuesta College Children's Center Preschooler! My first experience of school was in this amazing program with my favorite teacher ever Don Norton. Now, I love to take spontaneous trips with my children and husband to find new places to explore.


Katie KuhnleTeacher - Toddler

Hello, my name is Katie Kuhnle. For the past seven years I've worked with children in many capacities including being an au-pair, interning at Cuesta Children's Center, and becoming lead teacher at other local child care facilities. I have an AA in Early Childhood Education but also greatly believe in a life long, never ending self-education. In my personal time I can be found at a good rock concert, practicing German, and researching Genealogy. I look forward to meeting you all and being a helping hand in your child's growth! 

Damaris Santander, Teacher - Toddler

My name is Damaris Santander. I am currently a toddler and preschool assistant teacher in North County. I started working at Cuesta in June 2021 as a childcare assistant (floater). I took dual enrollment courses for Early Childhood Education at Cuesta during high school and continued on from there. I will finish my Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education in Spring 2023.

My favorite part about working with children is forming connections and bonds. Building meaningful relationships with children to create a safe, loving, and nurturing environment is essential. My favorite activity in the classroom is reading books to the children. I enjoy bringing words to life with silly voices and taking the children on a grand adventure with books. I am a Taylor swift enthusiast! However, I am a music head, so I love to talk and learn about everything that is music.  

Middle Littles Classroom



Amy Young, Instructional Assistant - Lead Teacher - Middle Littles

My name is Amy Young and I am the Lead Teacher in the Preschool 1 “Middle Littles” classroom at our North County site. I have been with Cuesta as a permanent Teacher since 2012. I received my A.A. in Early Childhood Education from Cuesta in 2012 and my B.A. from Pacific Oaks College in 2020. My favorite part about working with children are the long lasting relationships we are able to build with both children and their families. I also love seeing the “Ah-Ha” moments when children finally master something they have been practicing for so long. 

A fun fact about me is that I love camping with my husband and daughter as often as possible! My favorite children’s books are the Mr. Panda by Steve Antony and I love being able to take children on adventures around campus and exploring the natural world around them. 


Micaela Padgett, Teacher - Middle Littles

My name is Micaela Padgett and I am currently an Assistant Teacher for the Toddler Room in North County. I received my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Cuesta College, then received my Bachelors Degree in Human Development & Family Science from California State University Monterey Bay. I have been subbing for Cuesta College Children’s Center in SLO & North County since December 2021. I officially got hired as an Assistant Teacher in May 2022. Something unique about me is that I used to race dirt bikes and compete in gymkhanas. 

My favorite part about working with children is being someone that they are excited to see everyday! The good morning hugs and goodbye waves I hold near and dear to my heart. My favorite activity to do with children is to put on songs and see all their awesome dance moves! 

Preschool Classroom



Laurinda Wagner, Assistant Supervisor - Lead Teacher - Preschool    

I started as a long-term sub at Cuesta College Children’s Center in North County in January 2009 and was hired as a Lead Teacher in October 2009 for the older preschool room in SLO.  I then moved back to Paso in Fall of 2016 for my current position. I attended Cuesta College before I transferred to Fresno State to earn my bachelor's in Child Development.  

Working with children brings me so much joy, I get to play every day.  I love having the opportunity to follow the children’s curiosity, wonder and problem solving as they discover new things in their learning environment.  Something you might not know about me is, I love big roller coasters!  Mo Willems is my favorite children’s author; it is too hard to pick just one book, but we read Piggy and Gerald the most.  


Holland Keith-TuinstraTeacher - Teacher - Preschool

I started working at Cuesta College Children’s Center in April 2020. Yes.... starting a new job when there was a shelter at home order was super calming, but everything worked out! I received my Associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Cuesta College in Spring 2012. 

My favorite part about working in the field is getting to see the relationship that is formed between teacher, student, and parents. It's so sweet when a parent greets you first thing and tells you their child has been talking about you all weekend long. My favorite activity to do with children is watching them make art. Anything can be glued, and everything can be called art. 

A favorite hobby of mine is I have picked up golf again. I played the sport in high school but with Covid and state closures I had to find something that would keep me calm. I'm excited to see how much I've kept in memory from 15 years ago.  


Updated August 2023