As part of our educational goals, we have set a high priority on the importance of eating nutritional foods and
developing appropriate eating habits for young children. We will not serve anything that lacks nutritional value,
including lunch items that were brought from home. If a child’s lunch includes something that is deemed “non-nutritional” it will be removed from their lunch and sent home. If this happens more than once, we will set up a time to discuss nutrition and expectations.

For more information follow this link for nutritional health and ask for

We serve morning snacks, with two or more foods from the five basic food groups including Grains, Vegetables,
Fruits, Dairy and Proteins. We do not serve juice or any other form of beverages beyond milk and water.

It is extremely important for us to know if your child has food allergies, or if you have special dietary requirements.

In the event of severe food allergies, we may ask that all families refrain from bringing that type of food to the center. 


PARENT SNACK DONATIONS – A Vital Part of Our Program

All families are asked to make monthly donations for snacks. If you have more than one child, plan to donate to each classroom. If your child attends full time we ask that you donate twice a month. Look for snack sign up sheets in classrooms or near sign in and out binders. Check in with your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

We ask that you READ LABELS for nutritional information, avoiding overly processed foods, and those using hydrogenated oils. Due to sanitation reasons, all foods, other than fresh fruits and vegetables, must come in un-opened original packages. Fresh muffins, breads, etc. must be made at the center.


Your Child’s Lunch

All children who will be attending between 11:30 am - 12:30 pm must bring a lunch, clearly marked with their name. Bring “ready-to-eat” healthy non-processed food for your child’s lunches. Please read further for foods we prefer to see in your child’s lunch (and for things we will discard).

If you want your child to have warm food please send it in a well-sealed thermos as we are not able to heat up lunches. We store lunch containers in classroom refrigerators and in cubbies after lunch. New families are offered a lunch container (that fits easily in our refrigerators).

*Processed foods, such as Lunchables, are not healthy, we give one “please don’t bring” warning. If this happens more than once we will set up a time to discuss nutrition and expectations.



Grains/Bread/Cereal - Preferably organic whole wheat bread or crackers      

Protein/Meats – Sliced chicken, lunch meat, sun butter sandwiches, cheese

Vegetable/Fruits – One of each, and a variety


You will get a notification if the following items are sent to school (the item will be removed from your child’s lunch and sent home) and will be asked to review the nutrition policy.

Soft Drinks
Gummy Snacks
Pirates Booty
Desserts (donuts, cookies, etc
Fast Food
Jello or Pudding
Juice / Drinks other than Water

                              Samples of Nutritional Lunch Suggestions

  Ham Strips                                                           ½ Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich

  Small Bran Muffin                                                       Small green Salad

  Pineapple Tidbits                                                       Apple (cut for toddlers)


  Mini Pita with Hummus & Lettuce                             Cheese Pizza Wedge

  Orange Wedges                                                   Snow Peas

  Cheese Squares                                              “Real” Fruit Leather


  Cottage Cheese                                                   ½ Sunflower Butter & Banana Sandwich

  Bread Sticks                                                  Broccoli Florets, Ranch Dip

  Zucchini Rounds                                            Mango


   Cheese Strips                                                            ½ Tuna Sandwich

   Whole Wheat Crackers                                  Cucumber Circles

  Tomato Wedges                                            Strawberries (cut in ½ for toddlers)


   ½ Turkey Sandwich                                       Cold Macaroni & Cheese       

   Carrot Sticks (steamed for toddlers)                Sweet Peas

   ½ Banana                                                                 ½ Pear