Dairy - We serve 1 percent milk for lunch and water for snacks. Please let us know if you have a milk preference. We will serve soy, rice, almond or other dietary requests.

Grains/Bread/Cereal - Preferably organic whole wheat bread or crackers.    

Protein/Meats - Sliced chicken, lunchmeat, peanut butter sandos, eggs, cheese, if serving your child weiners - PLEASE slice them to avoid choking.

Vegetable/Fruits - One of each, and a variety - in a group meal time all children can become excited, TO AVOID CHOKING we ask that you consider cutting up hard vegetables and fruits, and easy to swallow foods like grapes and small lathed carrots, especially if being served for toddlers. We recommend organically grown foods for optimal health of your child.

*Highly Processed foods, such as Lunchables, are not healthy, we give one “please don’t bring” warning, then if sent again, instead of being served, they will be discarded.

Please avoid high sugary and fatty foods that have nearly no nutritional value. Additional foods to avoid in your child's lunches include chips (of any kind), nuts, cookies (even organic animal crackers), any sugary foods, such as cupcakes and candies, and foods highly processed with hydrogenated oils which lead to early childhood obesity.

Link to MyPlate - Resources for Nutritional Information

Link to MyPlate for Kids