Toddler Classroom


Cindy Dunlap

Cindy Dunlap, Instructional Assistant - Lead Teacher - Toddler
My Name is Cindy Dunlap I’m the Lead teacher in the Toddler room in San Luis Obispo.  I was hired in 2003.  I have been working with Toddlers at Cuesta since the first day the Toddler room was open!  My favorite part about working with children is getting to know each individual child and family and what their needs and interest are so I can create a learning environment that they can be successful in and grow in all areas of development.  My favorite activities to do with children are usually messy.  I love to let children explore with all their senses. Outside of the classroom I love to fish, watch my boys play soccer, and go on family vacations!  


Sara MadgettTeacher - Toddler

I was hired in 2021. I graduated with my AA in Child Development from Cuesta in Spring 2021. I love seeing how proud a child is when they finally do something they have been working hard to master. (For example, going all the way across the monkey bars). My current favorite Children’s book to read is “The Adventures of Beekle, the Unimaginary Friend” 

A fun fact about me, I love dressing up and going to the Renaissance Faires. 

Preschool 1 Classroom



Cheri Ferguson, Instructional Assistant - Lead Teacher - Preschool 1

I was hired on at Cuesta College in 2002 when I was awarded my Certificate in Early Childhood Education with 18 credits. In 2005 I was awarded my Associates of Art degree with High Honors in Early Childhood Education. I was a mentor Teacher from 2017-2020. I have been trained in (PITC) Practices In Infant Toddler Caregiving, (RIE) Resources of Infant Educarers. I’ve been trained in Preschool Food and Healthy Habits, Outdoor Classroom, (SEFL) challenging behaviors and an abundant amount of Professional Growth hours. 

My favorite part of working with children, is being able to go to work where the children are always so happy to be there, and I know I’m making a difference in their lives, and I’m able to learn right along their side. My favorite activity to do in my classroom, is the Life Cycle of the Butterfly. I love seeing the joy the children have after witnessing the metamorphosis process. I read books to the children about caterpillars, and how they build their Chrysalis and hide in inside for two weeks. I love seeing the children’s excitement when the Butterflies emerge. We study them for a couple days and then release them. 

The most unique thing about me is My husband and I own 5 acres in Arroyo Grande, and we love to entertain our friends and BBQ for them, and my daughter is the joy of my life.



Whitney EnriquezTeacher - Preschool 1

Hello, I am Whitney Enriquez. I am an Assistant Teacher at Cuesta College Children's Center. I got my education at Cuesta College and started at Cuesta's Children's Center as a lab student in 2021 and then was hired as an hourly employee in 2022. I was hired on as a full time in July 2023. 

I enjoy teaching toddlers and preschoolers so much purely for their curiosity about their experiences. This age group is in a time where all their experiences are building the foundation for their future learning. I love creating a curriculum around social-emotional education and anything that allows children to use their imagination. My favorite book to read is "In My Heart A Book About Feelings" by Jo Witek, I love building rivers and making cakes in the sandbox and anything about colors and painting. 

During my free time, I am normally spending time with my loved ones or relaxing by doing some of my favorite activities like reading, drawing, and music. Fun Fact about myself I actually drew my tattoo on my upper right arm, and I can play the clarinet, piano, and maybe a scale on the flute. 

Preschool 2 Classroom



Lea Waterbury, Instructional Assistant - Lead Teacher - Preschool 2

I am Lea Waterbury and currently I am the Lead Teacher Preschool Two (SLO).  My journey at Cuesta College Children’s Center began in the Lab class, after which I was hired as an hourly employee in 2008.  From there, in 2011, I became an Assistant Teacher then finally I was hired into my current position as a Lead Teacher in 2017.  I have worked as a teacher in all three of the San Luis children’s center’s classrooms along the way.

Working in a preschool setting you are part of some very amazing things, one of my favorites is that moment everything comes together; that moment when all of a sudden the thundercloud bursts and a child discovers something new. It is electric and wondrous and probably why my favorite activities are the spontaneous ones.  That is why the schedule is flexible, so we have time to forgo group time and spend extra time catching raindrops on our tongues or spend all morning trying to explode a watermelon with rubber bands. Preschool is the discovery of color in a monochromatic world.  Color makes me happy and I love filling paper, canvases, walls, and the world with color, so naturally I would be at home in a preschool classroom.


Ed GomezTeacher - Preschool 2

I am a co-teacher at the San Luis Children Center. I was hired in the summer of 2021. 

I love to help in the development of skills, especially emotional regulation. I love reading Mo Willems books. I especially like to try and read in Spanish as much as I can. 

Fun fact, I love learning languages, so I know phrases in multiple languages. I’m bilingual, Spanish and English are my strongest languages. I speak a little French and know enough American Sign Language.