Please review the information below before completing the Wait List Form. 


You only need to add your child to waitlist one time. We keep you on the waitlist until we have a space, you let us know you are no longer interested in enrollment, or your child ages out of the program. You will be contacted via phone call and/or email when we have a space available. If you would like to take your child off the list feel free to send an email to

We have two types of contracts - one for children in diapers and one for children who are fully potty trained. The rates reflect the level of care needed for the different needs. To be moved from the diapering rate to the non-diapering rate the child must be self-sufficient at toileting for two weeks, per their classroom teacher. 

Changes made to children’s schedules must be made in writing by submitting a new contract. If you are reducing days you will be held responsible for any fees based on your child’s previous schedule for the full 30 days, regardless of when the schedule change takes effect.

Priority for Enrolling:

Pell Eligible Cuesta Student - CCAMPIS Participant (Full Time. ¾, Part Time)
Students participating in CaFE programs (CalWORKs, EOPS, Foster Youth)
Cuesta Students
Faculty and Staff
Community at Large

Our waiting list is first come first served, and enrollment is based upon priority. We make every attempt to also serve CalWorks and families with special circumstances. 

Due to the nature of the priority-based enrollment, we cannot give you a waitlist "number" or accurately predict when we may have a space available. You are always welcome to check in, but information may be limited.  

Student parents must be taking a minimum of 6 units to get the student rate. To receive this rate the parent must provide a copy of their college class schedule each semester, due the first week of the semester. In addition, enrollment checks will be performed mid-semester to ensure student parents have maintained enrollment in their classes.

Pell/CCAMPIS Grant Participation

Student families may be eligible for subsidies through our CCAMPIS program. To be considered, students must provide their Banner ID (Cuesta ID #) and their Class Schedule every semester. Priority will go to full time students, then to ¾ time students, then to ½ time students.

It is the students responsibilty to ensure that they are PELL eligible and contact financial aid with any questions or concerns about eligibility.

CCAMPIS Sliding Scale

Pell-eligible students taking 12 + Units (full-time) = 100% fee reduction 

Pell-eligible students taking 6- 11 Units (3/4 time) = 50%-75% fee reduction 

*Percentages Subject to Change 

IF YOU ARE NOT ATTENDING FOR SUMMER SEMESTER: We cannot guarantee that you will have a spot for fall semester. We expect to enroll for summer until we are full. Families enrolled for summer semester will have the first opportunity for enrollment for fall semester.




Updated 11/2022