What is the CCPG?

The California College Promise Grant (or CCPG) is a fee waiver that covers your enrollment fees at California Community Colleges, if you qualify.

The CCPG is not disbursed to students like other aid programs. It goes strictly to account balances to cover enrollment fees. Students are still responsible to pay for other Student Registration Fees. 

CCPG Eligibility Criteria

The CCPG offers four different methods for students to qualify:

 It is recommended that you use CCPG-C method to qualify for additional financial aid.

Applying for and Maintaining Eligibility for CCPG

You can apply for the CCPG at any point during the academic year, and once you apply, your eligibility will be valid for the entire academic year. However, you must reapply each academic year to be eligible.

Once you are qualified for the CCPG, you must make sure to meet the following academic standards to remain eligible:

Loss of CCPG Eligibility

To move forward with a Petition, you must do the following:




This page was last updated by the Financial Aid Office on 05/22/2024.