What Is it?

The California College Promise Grant or CCPG "waives" your enrollment fees at California Community Colleges if you qualify.  There is no monetary exchange when you see this award on your student account. This means you do not have to pay the per-unit enrollment fee for all classes you are enrolled in for the academic year. Students are still responsible to pay Student Registration Fees. 

2 Ways To Apply:

1.  by submitting FAFSA or Cal Dream Application 

  • Apply this way because... you want to be considered for all federal and/or state aid programs in addition to the CCPG or because your income is too high to qualify for Paper CCPG Application.
    • Remember-
    • FAFSA is for US Citizens and Permanent Residentswww.fafsa.gov.
    • Cal Dream is for undocumented or AB540 status individuals; dream.csac.ca.gov.

2.  by Paper CCPG Application

  • Apply this way because- one of the following situations applies to you:
    • You do not want to apply for other "Federal or State Aid" and you qualify for CCPG under Method "A" or "B" below.  Use Paper CCPG Application because it will process faster!
    • You are a "Dreamer" (an undocumented or AB540 individual) and you missed the Cal Grant March 2nd deadline, and you qualify for CCPG under Method "A" or "B" below.  Use Paper CCPG Application because it will process faster!
    • You are an "Independent Student" according to the Paper CCPG Application Only, and you qualify for CCPG under Method "A" or "B" below.  Use the Paper CCPG Application because you are not considered an "Independent Student"  on FAFSA or Cal Dream Application.

Paper CCPG Application Here:

CCPG Eligibility Requirements:

You Must-

  • be a California resident as determined by your college's admissions office
  • be enrolled in at least one unit
  • meet one of the following Methods:

Method A: Applies to both Paper CCPG Application & FAFSA or Cal Dream Applications.

You meet Method A if any of the following apply to you-

  • You received need-based aid (TANF, CalWORKS, SSI or General Assistance payments). Or for dependent students, your parent received this assistance or their Registered Domestic Partner (RDP) did.

  • You have certification from the California Department of Veterans Affairs or the National Guard Adjunct General that you are eligible for a dependent's fee waiver.

  • You are a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor or the child of a recipient.

  • You are a dependent of a victim of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.

  • You are a dependent of a deceased law enforcement/fire suppression personnel killed in the line of duty. 

Method B - Income Limits:  Applies to both Paper CCPG Application and FAFSA & Cal Dream Applications.  

NOTE:  The FAFSA or Cal Dream Application have wider guidelines for qualifying for CCPG than the Paper CCPG Application.  This means... you could qualify for CCPG through FAFSA or Cal Dream Applications when you do not qualify for CCPG through the Paper Application. 

Method B Income Limits for Paper Application Only for 2021-2022


Family Size for 2223

2020  Income

      1  $19,320
      2  $26,130
      3  $32,940
      4  $39,750
      5  $46,560
      6  $53,370
      7  $60,180
      8  $66,990
      Each Additional Family Member  $6,810

Method C:  Applies to FAFSA and Cal Dream Applications Only!

You qualify for Method C when your "Financial Need" is $1,104 or greater. 

"Financial Need" is the result of subtracting the "Estimated Family Contribution" (as determined by FAFSA and Cal Dream Applications) from the student’s "Cost of Attendance" (as determined by the your college).