Dear Colleagues,

Since the COVID-19 Update emailed on January 28, 2021, information regarding the availability of vaccine for higher education has changed many times. At one point we were on verge of being in the queue for vaccine only to have a shift in priority at the Governor’s level that moved higher education employees to be considered further in the future. As has been the theme throughout the pandemic, things change rapidly.  Below is the latest vaccine availability information.

Persons aged 65 and older are currently eligible for vaccine. To secure an appointment register online at RecoverSLO.org.

Childcare workers including Cuesta College Children’s Centers employees will be eligible for vaccine next week. We do not yet know how many doses will be made available to Cuesta College childcare employees in week one and acknowledge that it may take a few weeks for all employees to be vaccinated. Registration directions will be sent to eligible employees as soon as they are received by the college. 

Higher education employees providing in-person services including instruction will be eligible for vaccine beginning the week of March 8, 2021. SLO County Vaccine Taskforce has set aside an allocation for higher education which will be equitably distributed between Cal Poly and Cuesta College based upon the identified number of employees in the eligible category. For essential employees delivering in-person services on campus the ratio will be 15% Cuesta College and 85% Cal Poly. When the number of allocated doses is communicated, Cuesta College will provide direction to the employees on scheduling an appointment. Depending on the number of doses allocated, it may take many weeks for Cuesta College employees in this category to receive the vaccine.

The information on vaccine availability for childcare workers and higher education was received just last evening. Additional information will be shared as it is received. Remember, all of the latest communications and information are also available on our COVID-19 webpage.

As we continue this journey through the pandemic, the COVID-19 Planning Team, the executive leadership, and the Board of Trustees remain committed to ensuring that the operations of Cuesta College align with the guidance for higher education from the CDC, CADPH, CalOSHA, and SLO County PHD. Thank you for your ongoing support of our students and your colleagues in this unprecedented period of isolation and challenge. Remain vigilant in your practice of effective methods to reduce the spread of disease!

Wear a mask   

Practice social distancing

Wash your hands frequently

Stay well!

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