As of Apr. 2, the SLO County Public Health Department has not notified Cuesta College of any confirmed positive cases that are potential risks for exposure on our campuses. 

Cuesta College has a self-report system available on our COVID-19 webpage for individuals who may have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus or are experiencing symptoms. Students and staff may choose to disclose whether or not they tested positive. If a positive case is reported, our Director of Student Health Services immediately notifies SLO County Public Health, which has the sole authority to investigate and determine if an area is a potential risk of exposure.

We received two self-reports from students who disclosed they received a positive test result. Both of these cases were investigated and confirmed by SLO County Public Health, and in both cases, determined that the Cuesta College campuses were not an exposure risk. In the most recent case, the student has not been in SLO County for over two weeks and only recently developed symptoms. Because of the incubation period, they were not considered contagious during the time they were in SLO County.

On Mar. 13, a Cuesta College faculty member teaching an online course and residing outside of the United States shared with their online class that they were diagnosed with COVID-19 and reported that they are in self-quarantine. Since this case is not in San Luis Obispo County, there is no threat to the Cuesta College campus community.  

While Cuesta College is currently not considered to be at increased risk or exposed by any of the known confirmed cases in SLO county, we do know community transmission is possible anywhere outside of our homes. Cuesta College continues to plan for an extended duration of the coronavirus pandemic with guidance from local and state public experts, and by enacting preventive measures to protect our campus community. In an effort to flatten the curve, we advise students and staff to continue the CDC-recommended practices of proper hygiene, including thorough hand-washing and to follow local, state, and federal orders for social distancing, including shelter-at-home orders.