Good morning Colleagues!

Today is the official effective date of the vaccine requirement at Cuesta College. A tremendous amount of planning and collaboration stands behind the effort to bring the vaccine requirement into being. Thank you to the four work groups and to the COVID-19 Planning Team for your unflagging efforts to protect the health of our campus community. has been updated and now features two links at the top of the page: COVID-19 Information and Resources and Vaccine Requirement Information. There is a robust FAQ section, links to video tutorials, information specific to students and employees, information for campus visitors, and all of the testing detail. Please share this resource with any student or visitor needing assistance to understand the vaccine requirement or use the Cleared4 tool.

A big shout out to the Cuesta  team that distributed more than 4,200 vaccine incentive gift cards to students! Your service to assist students over the last few days with Cleared4 and testing information has set the stage for successful launch of the vaccine requirement today.

It has been a long period of pandemic. It continues to take a toll on each of us and the students we serve, but we can’t reduce our diligent efforts to keep Cuesta well. Let’s continue to practice kindness while demonstrating understanding and flexibility - even behind our masks. You are essential to Cuesta College and our community, thank you for your extraordinary service.

I have my Cleared4Cuesta pass ready on my phone and look forward to assisting students on the SLO campus this morning. 


Warm regards,

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